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What is Only Eats?

Only Eats is a visual search engine that helps you discover what to cook for any occasion or diet.

How does it work?

We’re always looking for new ideas and inspiration in the kitchen, so we built Only Eats to help anyone find the newest and most popular recipes from around the web.

We use social data to identify popular recipes and show new recipes moments after they're published. The different filters help to quickly parse through all of the recipes.

Why should I use Only Eats to search for recipes?

We pull together hundreds of thousands of recipes from the most well regarded recipe websites. When you search, we take into account the social reach of each recipe, skewing our results based on popularity. This yields an impressive lineup of the best recipes available on the web.

Try it.

How are the recipes sorted?

Popular — These are the recipes that have attracted the largest digital audience around the web in the last 24 hours based on data from Facebook and Pinterest. We use additional historical data for our search, so that you see the “best of all time” version of any recipe.

Newest — You will see new recipes automatically appear moments after they’re published.

What does each filter do?

Saved — Click the bookmark icon and come back to your favorite recipes later. Recipes are saved in your browser’s local data storage until you sign in with Facebook or Google. Once signed in, you can access your recipes anywhere and they will be permanently associated with your account.

Healthy — Calorie count is a flawed metric, what matters is nutrient density (100 calories of cake still isn’t good for you, even though its only 100 calories). We analyze a recipe’s ingredient list, construct a nutrition profile and then determine whether it meets our high standard of health.

Simple — We factor in time, difficulty, and number of ingredients to determine whether a recipe can be quickly and easily prepared.

Diets — We analyze a recipe's ingredient list and only show recipes that match your preferences.

Meals — Discover recipes for any time of day, from breakfast to dinner and everything in between.

Sources — Pick your favorite publishers and see their newest and most popular recipes all in one place.


Please let us know how Only Eats can improve. If there is a website or blog you would like to see added to our database, contact us at

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