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Add The Only Eats Nutrition Button to a Wordpress Post

Follow these instructions to add the onlyeats nutrition button to an individual post on a wordpress site. Doing it this way, you will have to insert it manually with each post.

If you would rather have it automatically appear on every post on your Wordpress-based site, follow these instructions instead. If you are not using Wordpress at all, you should start here.

The button is intelligent and will not appear on posts in which no ingredients appear.


1. Navigate to the editing page for your chosen post, or start a new post if you haven't created it yet.

2. At the top-right of the editing box, there is an option to toggle between Visual and Text: select Text.

3. Paste in the following code at the end of your post (or whereever you want).

<script async src=""></script><a href="" class="onlyeats-nutrition">Only Eats</a> Click here to copy

4. After adding the code, you can switch back to Visual, but the button will not appear until the post is published and public. It will appear in the visual editing box as Only Eats with an underline and should be left alone.

You should see something like this:

If you run into any issues, feel free to reach out to Only Eats support:

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